Posted in November 2019

Cuddington Opening Time - Polite Request

Cuddington Opening Time - Polite Request

18th, Nov 2019 General News

Polite request


The daycare centre at Cuddington opens at 7:30am, we are unable to take dogs in before this time so please aim to arrive from 7:30am onwards. If you arrive before this time the gates will not be opened any earlier, the staff are on site but are tending to the boarding dogs and are not able to let dogs in to daycare centre before the 7:30am opening time. Therefore, we ask that you do try to time your arrival for 7:30am at the earliest, the site is privately owned and we only have permission for public access from this time. If you do happen to arrive early please be mindful that the farm is a family home and not leave your car engine running or take your dog for a walk around the car park while you wait. We must keep noise to a minimum but we are also mindful of engine emissions.


We very much appreciate your consideration and ongoing support.